Home Staging

Home StagingWith 20 years of experience, Kim Sass specializes in making your home look Its very best. In today’s competitive resale market, Home Staging and Organizing can add thousands of dollars to the sale of your home.

Staging Statistics

Larger Profits

U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell on average 17% higher than an un-staged home.

Quicker Selling Time

Your home will sell faster, which equals less headaches and hassles.  The NY village Voice reported that the average number of days a un-staged home is on the market is 30.9 versus 13.9 for a staged home.

No Cost to You

In  a 2007 Home Gain Survey of over 2000 realtors, it was discovered that sellers who spent $500.00 on staging services for their home recovered over 343% of the cost in the sale of their home.

Tax Advantage

In addition to selling your home for more, the money you spend to stage your home, is tax deductible and the money you make may be tax free by taking advantage of a possible tax free capital gain.

Stage First

Studies show that the longer your home is on the market, the less you’re likely to receive on the sale of your home.   Most sellers cannot view their home objectively, therefore they can’t package as effectively.  Having a stage professional get your home into it’s most advantageous condition for showing saves money and time, allowing you to focus on your next destination.