Designing The Perfect Mantel For The Holiday

Each year I try to bring a different look to my fireplace mantel without a great deal of added time and cost keeping it simple.

Holiday Mantle

1) Start with a natural looking base

In the photo I purchased greens that are on a faux wood vine with real pinecones attached. Now more than ever you can find greens for decorating that look so real you can’t tell the difference. Invest in the best looking ones available. It saves time and money. I reuse them over and over yet they always look as good as the day I purchased them.

2) What is your theme?

This year I choose a nature /woodland theme which always looks festive. you can find some of the materials in you own yard such as pinecones or a small abandoned birds nest for starters. These items can be easily purchased at your local crafts store, or holiday supply store.

3) Basic materials you’ll need

Florist wire: I buy the green wire as it doesn’t discolor and always matches the background, scissors, nails and hammer plus what ever details you like for decorating the swag.


* Note: the swags that I purchased were 3’ each. I attached two together to make the desired length of 6’. to give it an even fuller look I’ve mixed it with another two strands of a different variety so my swag has 4 – 3’ sections attached to make 2 – 6’ strands. I simply layered one on top of the other.

4) How to Assemble

This swag is longer on the sides, about 21”. You can make yours shorter. just have the sides as even as possible. Hammer the nails into the mantel at even distances on each end. Wrap wire around each section of the swag with length to dangle below and attach to the nails. It’s that simple.


*Friends always ask me how to do this because it looks harder than it actually is to achieve a beautiful festive look. It’s impressive because I chose really natural looking materials that maintain their beauty year after year. Putting it together with other natural items finishes it off for that perfect holiday feel. My finishing touch was to add a few silver birds to the mantel; an elegant way to continue the theme. Enjoy!

About Kim Sass

Kim Sass has been an interior designer in Morris County NJ for over 20 years. Her style is eclectic, transitional with a touch of glam.
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